About Us

TuxSeeDo. A more Fun and Rewarding way to find things to See and Do.

TuxSeeDo first originated in 2010 in the form of a location based social game app where users won prizes for just visiting and doing things at various location. Today with a community of travelers, we now provide a customized search for travelers to find the most fun and rewarding ways to travel.

We provide the community an easy reference of all the best content from site owners of various blogs/websites/magazines/videos/guides and a community of fellow travelers to discuss where and what are the best places to see and things to do.

All content are brought onto the site using RSS syndication and provide only the titles, featured images and the short excerpt. The full content can only be found on the original content owner's site. We do not own any of this content. We are not the originators of this content. You are encourage to visit the original content owner's site.

If you are reporting abuse/spam/removal of any of the syndicated content please email abuse@tuxseedo.com.


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